Happy Easter Bunny Butt’s

Happy (belated) Easter Everyone! Was the Easter bunny good to you all?  I absolutely love holidays like this where I get to spend time with my family and friends. But, this Easter holiday was particularly special for my family…..First, let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to when I was a little monster child ….. My brother and I thought Easter was one of the best holiday ever! Every Easter my Auntie Lauri would go all out for us- silly egg coloring competitions, extravagant egg hunt and wild Easter basket searches. One year we woke up to the house covered in yarn…….one end had a tag with our name on it and somewhere at the other end was our baskets, but the string was twisted around tables, under couches and out windows- finding the baskets was actually quite a challenge. But as we’ve become older Easter has become more casual simply because we don’t have any kids around. Not this year! It was my cousin Lexi’s first Easter and my other cousins Kate & Emma’s second Easter and we can’t forget about the K & E’s brothers, Jack & Andrew. Following in my Aunts foot steps I wanted to do something special to make this Easter one to remember for them, so of course I made cupcakes!!!

Now I know it’s not even close to as crazy as the stuff my Auntie used to do for us, but aren’t they too cute. I like to call them Bunny Butt’s! Originally, all of the “dirt” cupcakes were supposed to be Bunny Butts, but individually picking out the sprinkles became too tedious, so decided Bunny Ears would be equally as sweet! First we have the grass and eggs which is Carrot Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting- the “grass” is shredded coconut mixed with green dye & water and the robins eggs really top it off! Next, is the bunny cupcakes. This is the famous Cookie Madness with basic white frosting then topped with crushed Oreo cookies to look like dirt. The biggest challenge with these cupcakes were the bunny parts- feet and ears. For the feet, I cut a large marshmellow into four equal parts (which would give me two set of feet), then pinched in the middle to give them a fun shape. The balls of the feet are mini chocolate chips and the toes are individual red and pink sprinkles- three each! For the ears, again I cut a large marshmellow into four equal parts, then dipped the sticky mellowy part in pink sugar sprinkles. They came out perfecto!


As always, the thought process for these cupcakes started weeks in advance. During my research, I came across these cute little creations. The photo said the idea had come from the book Hello, Cupcake. Oddly enough I’ve talked about this book several times in my blogging adventure but didn’t actually own it! With Easter approaching, I thought this would be the perfect time to invest in it. When it came in the mail, I’m not kidding, I spent hours reading through it. It made my day! This book was written by people who totally think like me- taking simple, everyday ingredients and making them into fun cupcake creation. I’m sure you all will see lots more ideas come from this book!

Now, it’s on to thinking about my good friend Amy’s belated Birthday cupcakes. She gave up sweets for lent (gasp…..I KNOW)! Since her birthday fell just a couple days before Easter I told her we would wait till after the holiday and I would make her the chocolatiest chocolate cupcake in the whole world.



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